Panar Group had been the leading manufacturer of U PVC pipes and fittings in Nigeria since 1976. In 1997, Panar Group pioneered the production of PET pharma bottles in Nigeria.

Panar Group through Panar Limited and Deltaplast Company (Nigeria) Limited offers a complete service to the water, sewage, ducting and the construction industry manufacturing and supplying pipes/fittings in sizes from 20 mm to 500 mm, in pressure ratings from 4 bar to 16 bar.

In 2018, we introduced PPR pipe for hot and cold water supply.

In 2019, we introduced 3 layers HDPE pipe from 20 mm to 630 mm, in pressure rating from 4 bar to 20 bar and Segmented Fittings up to 315 mm

Panar Group through Geokev Company Nigeria Limited manufactures HDPE containers and Jerry Cans in sizes ranging from 10 ml to 50 litres. Geokev manufactures PET bottles in sizes ranging from 20 ml to 5000 ml and PET preforms in various sizes and neck finishes.

During 1998-2002 PANAR was audited by the likes of Crown Agents and TSKJ Consortium.

The purpose of the audits was to establish suitability of Panar as an accredited supplier to UNICEF and NLNG projects. This required a strong QC to be in place. This strong QC and quality consciousness caught the attention of the market. Panar started becoming recognized as a high quality producer thereby becoming popular and approved by various Government and Private sectors agencies.

The pipes are produced to meet international/national standards such as DIN (Germany), ISO (International), BS (British), UNICEF (WES) specifications, SON (Nigeria)