Ruwatsan II (Afridev) Handpumps – complete with spares kit, stainless steel connecting rods and solvent cement jointed risers. Threaded risers available on special request.

Pump Type : Afridev deep well hand pump as per SKAT-HTNSwitzerland specifications, with 50mmdiaopen top, UPVC brass lined cylinder assembly with extractable plunger and foot valves assemblies.

Recommended for water level setting depth (metres) : upto45 Meter.

Minimum ID of bore (milimetre) : 100

Approximate Discharge (Litres/Hour) : 990

UPVC Riser Pipe = 63mmOD * 4.7mmWall Theckness* 3 Meter length

MS/SS Connecting Rod Diameter = 10mm (12mm Diacan loaded also be supplied)

Stroke Length = 225±6mm